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Frequently asked questions

 How many times can I attempt a question

The number of attempts will be shown on the course description. Check the courses duration next after this icon   

 If I have a technical issues, what do I do ?

For technical Issues and enquiry, send your  message to: info@icanetwork.co.za
You can also send your message from this platform. Goto Me-> Inbox and then compose your message. We will respond to you ASAP.

Contact Info
Tel: + 27 087 822 2828
Fax-to-Email: 086 672 5433

 How long does It take to complete a course?

All courses have duration which can be seen on the course description. You have 8 weeks to complete the introduction to IPC course after enrolment, if not you will have to restart the whole process. Depending on the amount of   time available you can complete it earlier.

 When can I start learning ?

You can start learning right now. Just enroll anytime and choose your course to start learning today. This is a self pace learning platform and you can pause and then come back to continue your course.