What is happening at ICAN?

Prof Folasade Ogunsola - ICAN Chair
Since 2022 -ICAN has establish 5 ICAN hubs across Africa, each of these hubs will run ICAN accredited courses in each region that allow better access.
ICAN has also just developed a SELF-Pace learning course: Introduction to IPC that will be launched and can be done in one own time.
Currently our new FIPC course are in its second week and the 1st Module on IPDIC had just been concluded in January 2023.
ICAN had run one successful basic IPC course virtually with students from 4 different countries at end of January 2023.

OMAN MOH has contracted ICAN to deliver another Advance IPC2 week course in Oman from 5-16 March 2023 after our successful one done last year in Sept 2022 in Muscat Oman. ICAN has also successfully run 14 Webinar series since May 2020 with more than 46 000 participants. ICAN will also re-start new webinar series with our partners ACDC/WHO AFRO and other partners in the next few weeks. Western Cape department of health requested ICAN to assist with their in-house IPC courses.

Ethiopia MOH in partnership with ICAP has also contacted ICAN to assist them with their development of a certified IPC course in Ethiopia, Liberia, Uganda and other countries as also contacted ICAN to assist them with technical advice and conducting courses for them. Check for our new improved ICAN website.